Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How to Save the World

How to Save the World: Ten Reasons Young People Are Afraid to Start Their Own Business

This article gets a link because it's from a source I'd never seen before speaking about entrepreneurship. The Natural Enterprise concept is a bit of a new spin beyond all the typical Web2.0 hype that I tend to see in my regular readings, which lean mostly toward "software startup".

I am disappointed, though, that "Can't take the risk" or something similar is not on there. The closest is "Couldn't handle the failure" but the logic is "I'd be crushed, and feel like a failure in life." Eh? I never really thought of it like that at all. I tend to think, "If I do this, and fail, then I will have a problem paying the bills and might lose the house." I care about the mortgage lots more than I care about whether my idea didn't fly in the business world.

My biggest anti-motivator is thinking myself out of the idea, rather than not having ideas. I've done it again, just last night. I've had an idea rolling around in my head for months now about a software product that doesn't exist. I've found a market, and I've laid out the design and the basic features in my head. Gotten my research together for how it will all work. Then last night I thought of a feature that I think would be crucial, and my design does not support it. So I'm on the verge of throwing the whole idea away unless I can figure out how to reconcile the situation. :-/

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