Sunday, March 12, 2006

Zooomr : Flickr on Steroids

I go back and forth between loving and hating stories like this one about Kristopher Tate. Kristopher has built "Flickr on Steroids", according to Mike Arrington.
That's cool. That's exactly what the Web2.0 world is all about. Take ideas, mash them up, make them better. (I don't love that it has three o's in the name because I will always forget and write only 2, but perhaps there was a good reason for that.)o

Kris is also 17, and only worked on the project part time, for 3 months.

Dang, that makes me feel so old and lazy I can't see straight. :-/ Here's where I use the "he's 17" excuse to say "Ah, yes - he doesn't have 2 kids that take up all of his time, energy and attention! That must be it!"

Ahhhhhh, now I feel better.


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