Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Motorola v360 : The Quest for Answers

Just got a new phone. Used to have a Samsung E105, which is probably the smallest flip phone I've ever seen. It's very nice for exactly that feature. But it's not very modern -- no camera, no MP3, no Bluetooth. As a matter of fact no graphics at all, so it's not even like my wife can send me pictures of the kids and things.

So I went with the Motorola v360, which gets excellent reviews. It tends to be compared directly to the RAZR, and wins for the most part on "doesn't feel like it'll break when you drop it" factor.

But man, the interface sucks. I can't find any information on the thing. The user's manual is painfully bad. (Here's a hint on how bad -- the word "ringtone" does not appear in the manual.) So I'm looking for answers. One of the first things that I want to do is create an MP3 ringtone from my own sources. All my googling has shown is people either saying that they too want to do it, or saying "Yes, the v360 can play MP3 ringtones", but no specifics on how to do it.

I did hear one rumor that certain service providers can lock out that feature so that you have to buy only premium content. I called up T-Mobile to ask about that and the rep I spoke to said nope, never heard of such a thing. But she couldn't explain to me how to do it.

I've got an MP3 on the phone (specifically, on the memory card). I heard one possibility that you a) have to have the MP3 on the phone itself, and b) it has to be less than 15 seconds in length. I find it hard to believe that once I complete those constraints some new menu items will magically appear, but it's worth a shot. I'll keep posting here with updates. Until then, if anybody has a v360 and knows how to play your own MP3 files as ringtones, let me know!

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty damn easy. I found it out 2 seconds after i got the damn phone. Just move the file onto phone memory. The ringtones go for around 30 seconds but my tones is 42 seconds long.
After youve moved the tone onto phone memory highlight it then just press the menu button at the top and it should say "apply as ringtone" as the second option after memory card.
Works perfect for me.