Thursday, August 24, 2006

Motorola v360: HOWTO Use Your Own MP3 Ringtones

I'm excited, I figured out how to do what I want and use my own free MP3s as a ringtone on my new Motorola v360 cell phone. I do NOT have to use the Mobile Phone Tools software (which they charge $30 for), nor do I have to convert it or otherwise shrink it. My test case was actually a 3minute long file that was 2.7meg in size. I did, however, make use of the stored memory card. So make sure you have that in there. My phone came with one, so I'm assuming that it's standard to have at least some capacity. So the whole process is free free free. I much prefer that.

Here's how I did it!

  • You don't need to buy special software.
  • You don't need a special cable.
  • You don't need to convert anything.
  • Save money - Never pay for ringtones again!


BONUS! Now includes details on how to manage images and video on your v360 as well. Get images off your phone and onto your PC as easy as you do with your digital camera (without emailing them to yourself and paying those SMS charges)! Use your V360 as an image wallet - carry your favorite images, not just those you took with your cameraphone!

MORE : Free MP3 Starter Kit!Not sure how you're going to take advantage of your new found features? Included with your purchase is a library over over 150 MP3 sound effects (3meg worth of files) including screams, laughs, sneezes ... you name it. Popular blog recently recommended setting up just such an "innocuous" ringtone for times when you don't want to turn your ringer off. But if you want to go with "bloodcurdling scream" instead of "sneeze", well, that's up to you :). Have fun!

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