Wednesday, September 20, 2006 - Funny Office Slang - Funny Office Slang

Some of these are old old old (alpha geek, beepilepsy, crapplet....). I mean, come on, who still downloads Java applets? :) But most of them I've never heard before. I like to "ohnosecond", that brief amount of time between doing something and realizing that it was a very wrong thing to do.

In a meeting I once suggested the art of network operations through "prairie dogging." We needed to shut down one of our main development servers and did not have a plan for how to make sure people were off of it. "Just turn it off," I said, "And watch the cube farm to see which heads pop up." The head of operations was not amused.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ruby : Rails App as a Single EXE File

This is too cool not to link. With two very simple scripts you can package and deploy your Rails app as a single EXE file. Tar2RubyScript converts your application into one big ruby file, and RubyScript2Exe converts it into an executable.
Outstanding for situations where you want to run your app someplace but you don't want the overhead of making sure that Ruby is there waiting for you.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

iTunes Playlist Management

I just learned a new trick -- you can nest smart playlists in iTunes. Within a single playlist you can do an AND ('match all rules') or an OR ('match any rules'), but you can't do both. So for example I can say get me all songs where genre is podcast and playcount = 0, but I cannot say get me podcasts where the name is A or B or C and the playcount is 0.

Yes you can.

1) Create yourself a smart playlist for the parenthetical part. In the above, create playlist ABC, say "match any", and then say "name is A" ,"name is B", "name is C".

2) Then create a new list, "Unplayed ABC", "match all rules", then select "Playlist is ABC". Then add rule "playcount is 0."

3) Done!

I'm very pleased by that. I have a selection of podcasts, by name, that I listen to at work. Since they share nothing I can categorize (for example, I would not want all genre=podcast ones), this allows me to define the list first, and then also add the rule about only showing me the newest unplayed ones. Cool!

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