Tuesday, September 05, 2006

iTunes Playlist Management

I just learned a new trick -- you can nest smart playlists in iTunes. Within a single playlist you can do an AND ('match all rules') or an OR ('match any rules'), but you can't do both. So for example I can say get me all songs where genre is podcast and playcount = 0, but I cannot say get me podcasts where the name is A or B or C and the playcount is 0.

Yes you can.

1) Create yourself a smart playlist for the parenthetical part. In the above, create playlist ABC, say "match any", and then say "name is A" ,"name is B", "name is C".

2) Then create a new list, "Unplayed ABC", "match all rules", then select "Playlist is ABC". Then add rule "playcount is 0."

3) Done!

I'm very pleased by that. I have a selection of podcasts, by name, that I listen to at work. Since they share nothing I can categorize (for example, I would not want all genre=podcast ones), this allows me to define the list first, and then also add the rule about only showing me the newest unplayed ones. Cool!

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