Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wow - Dell Customer Support Comes Through!

Ok, check this out.  A couple weeks ago I blogged about the possibility of bringing my Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop back from the dead.  Seems that my problem, where it fails to powerup anymore due to motherboard problems, was a problem for many people indeed.  In something called the Lundell Settlement, Dell agreed to basically fix them all.  So I figured what the heck, I never through the thing away, I might as well send it in.

After a few emails back and forth, they confirmed that this would be a motherboard fix and then sent me a box in which to pack the machine.  I DHL'd it back and have been waiting to hear back on its status.  This was just over the last few days, so I'm sure it's still being processed.

But!  Imagine my surprise when, completely unsolicited, a "customer advocate" from Dell contacts me and says "Hey, I saw your blog and wanted to make sure that you were getting all the help you needed.  Anything I can do for you?"  I wrote back to him with an update (thinking the whole time that this could turn out to be the weirdest phishing scam ever :)) and not only have we been having an ongoing conversation, but he (Todd, by the way) responds in very short time indeed.  It's not like it takes 2 business days to get a response.  It's like I've got my very own contact person at Dell.  Someone, I might add, who is NOT offshore outsourced, nor going through a script and saying things so generic they border on offensive like "Ok I understand that you are calling to ask about a motherboard problem, I can help you with that, for security purposes can I please ask your mother's maiden name?"

So, I'm very impressed that Dell did that.  I don't know if they're always out there ego surfing the blogs, or if there was something about this particular settlement that's got them anxious to please.  Either way, if my machine manages to get fixed, I will be a happy customer indeed.

Thanks Todd!


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Bao said...


What's the status on your laptop? I'm having the same problem. Can you tell me the steps I need to get my laptop fixed? My 5150 has been in my closet for a year now b/c of the shutdown problem. Who do I contact?


Duane said...

Hi Bao,

At one point right on the Dell homepage there was a link to the info, but they seem to have reorganized. I recommend going to and searching for "Lundell" (the settlement in question). There's much activity on their forums, including a FAQ on the subject.

Regarding a dedicated customer advocate, all I did was blog about the problem and they contacted me. No idea what their thinking was behind the scenes, if they do that across the board or what.

Good luck!

Duane said...

By the way - my laptop is fixed, for free, and working quite well. My wife uses is for email, it's in the family room. The connector actually is pretty loose at the motherboard and it falls out alot, but I think i had that problem before as well, it's hardly a deal killer.

Bao said...

Thanks Duane!! I got in contact w/ Dell and they ended up replacing my motherboard for free. It is running fine now. Thanks again for your post and the response.