Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Clocky Lives!

Ok, my wife would kill me if I actually bought one of these things, but check it out -- Clocky is shipping!

What's Clocky, you may ask?  Well, let me ask you, what's the biggest problem with alarm clocks today?  The snooze button.  You can keep hitting that little bugger as long as you want.  Many clocks have tried offering features to get around that, such as making the alarm louder each time, or making the snooze shorter.  What does Clocky do?  Clocky jumps off the table and runs away.  That's right, you have to go chase it to turn it off.

I love it.  I have no affiliation with it at all (it dawns on me that the above sounds like a sales pitch), but I think it's an awesome geeky idea.  If I was still a single geek I would have one in a heartbeat.


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