Monday, January 15, 2007

Motorola Introduces Two Linux Phones

Ok, I'm sure I've already said it, but I'm perfectly happy with my Motorola V360.  It's got a USB port for charging.  It's got Bluetooth.  It plays video that I store on my miniSD card.  And it has MP3 ringtones.  Overall, a sufficiently geeky phone.

But man, the software stinks.  The interface is horrendous.  I've noted elsewhere, for example, that the word "ringtone" does not appear anywhere in either the interface or the manual.  The most popular topic among people who want to actually personalize their phone, and it's never even mentioned.

The hope of these new Linux phones is that they will bring with them an even higher geeky factor, meaning that we should be able to mod the holy heck out of them.  Some of the choices are weird -- Bluetooth printing?  What's this for?  I suppose pictures, maybe.  Or "airplane mode" so you can turn off the cell phone but still use the music player.  Yeah, now give us a way to charge the thing while on the plane so you don't use up your batteries in half an hour by playing all that music.

The Z6 is just a fancy RAZR.  That's fine. The A1200 appears to be a competitor in the "does everything" space - touch screen, voice recognition, handwriting, that sounds like it's gonna be a big failure. :(  REAL music player?  Interface to Microsoft's Media Player?  Ok, where did the Linux go? Forget everything I just said.


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