Monday, January 29, 2007

Now, see, here's a great idea.

From the "why didn't I think of that" category comes The Footpull.

Problem - You go into the public restroom, do your thing, and then wash your hands.  But you know for a fact that others don't wash their hands.  So when it comes time to leave the restroom you have to grab the same doorhandle that they do, and defeat the whole purpose of washing your own.  Sure, one solution is to wrap papertowels around the handle - but these days most restrooms have switched over to those horrible hot air dryers. 

Hence the Footpull, a handle that fastens to the bottom of the door so that you can pull it open with your foot.

Brilliant.  Instant market - everyplace that has a public restroom.  And there's lots of those.

Even more brilliant, the makers are already working on a home version for the refrigerator, for when you've got your hands full of groceries.  Not sure my wife would dig me attaching a gadget to the bottom of her nice appliances, but still, it shows that the inventor isn't sitting back on his (their?) laurels, they're coming up with new variations on the general concept.


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Steve said...

Thanks for spreading the word about our invention of the Footpull.

Stev Arnold

Ron Davison said...

Cool idea. How about the follow up? The opposable toe? (This is the age of genetic engineering, no?)