Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shutdown Day : Somebody tell me why, exactly?

I can't fathom movements like Shutdown Day, where we're all supposed to see if we can go a day without using our computers.  Why, exactly?  My computer is a tool.  I use it to get access to information, and to communicate in ways I otherwise could not.  It also happens to be something that I chose to bring into my life.  So somebody explain to me why I'm supposed to just arbitrarily stop using it?  Why the hating on computers?  Is it a dependence on technology thing or something?  Or is it that computers can waste our time as much as they can improve our productivity?  Why not "don't use your cellphone" day, since you can chat about nothing important, or "don't use your car" day so we can all get more exercise?  Maybe "Don't cook your food" day since microwaves make us eat more microwave pizza?  Have everything raw instead?  Don't turn on your heat, don't sleep under shelter?  Once upon a time people had to do that, so should we prove that we can still do that?  Technology goes forward.  We have computers now. We use them.  What are we trying to prove?

Rest assured that my computers, plural, all of them, will be on that day.  At least my download speeds will be higher if everybody else is off. :)


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