Friday, March 09, 2007

Does Bluetooth crash your Motorola V360?

I love my Motorola V360 cellphone.  It's very geeky, offering USB charging, MP3 ringtones, extra memory card for storage, all that good stuff.  I'm having a problem recently, though, and wondering if it's just my phone or everybody's.  For Christmas I got a bluetooth headset.  Specifically the Motorola v500, which I was led to believe should work just fine, what with both being Motorola products.

The problem is that regularly now (as in, at least once per day) when I'm talking on the headset, my phone will reboot itself.  Right in the middle of the conversation, I'll get a blank white screen on the phone, and then it starts up again like I just turned it on.  I have to reconnect to the headset and everything.  Typically it only happens once and then I'm fine, but yesterday it happened three times.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Thus far it has only ever happened to me when I am engaged in a conversation via the bluetooth connection.  Just leaving bluetooth on doesn't seem to do it.  When bluetooth is off completely, I have not had the problem.

Recently I did happen to get a "Check SIM" message out of the clear blue sky, but I'm hoping that's a coincidence.  I did pop out the card and reseat it, and the message has not reappeared.  I asked a guy at a T-Mobile shop about a possible connection between the two, and he couldn't imagine one.  His only suggestion was that perhaps my battery was causing me trouble.

Anybody else?


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IJ said...

I too have the same problem with my V360. the screen either goes blank or become white and phone does not respond to any key. But I never use bluetooth so it cannot be related to bluetooth use.

It happened only occationaly at the beginning but now it is frequent. If someone rings your number when that happens they are directed to leave a message. Sometimes the display comes after a while but some other times I had to remove the battery and reinstall for the phone to work.

I have seen other V360 users complaining about the same problem in some other forums. So, it must be something to do with the phone. My V360 is only one year old.

Anonymous said...

I've seen two causes to the white screen/crash/reboot problem with my Motorolas. First is a bad battery (or bad connection between the battery and phone). Second is the SIM card - you won't get error messages, just a white screen/crash and reboot.

The SIM card issue will often make it possible to crash the phone just by doing things on the phone (not sure if there are specific tasks that guarantee a crash). Taking out the SIM card will result in a stable phone that never crashes (but won't be usable as a phone).

There may be other causes, but I've seen and verified these two causes with my own phones (battery in a RAZR v3 and SIM in a SLVR L7i and RIZR Z3).