Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Somebody Call American Inventor

I was just told that my name's going on a patent application, and if the order of names on the email was any indication, I'm the lead inventor.  Cool.

That, of course, reminds me of Richard Feynman's famous I Want My Dollar story.  I think I actually have to wait until the patent is granted to get my cash, though, don't I? :)

I was inventor on a patent application once before, a long time ago during the boom at my financial services company.  I watched the process for maybe 2 years, talked to lawyers, read through paperwork...and then the collapse began, and with it came the layoffs, and one day I called up the lawyer who'd been working on it and asked if the application was still in process.  She laughed. "Like we have money for that!" she said.  I didn't mind terminating the process so much, but to never even mention it and then to laugh at me for asking was a little over the top.


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