Friday, May 18, 2007

How To Do Clouds In Photoshop

This post appears to have been removed, the link is broken. I don't know why. Sorry about that.

I'm not much of a Photoshop user (the Gimp is the closest I come), but I am a fan of watching clouds.  I've always wanted some software that would generate random clouds for me, something I could use as wallpaper.  I like meditating by finding interesting scenes in them (and I'm not just talking about "hey that one looks like a dog"). 

So I was pleased to find this tutorial specifically on creating "realistic" clouds.  When I get some free time I'm going to see if all the techniques work in the Gimp.  Hey, does somebody want to script something up for me that regularly regenerates a file of clouds that I can attach to my desktop? :)


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steveo said...

Your old coworker Anton left to join SoundSpectrum to do music visualization. They just released a product called SoftSkies that is realistic clouds generated to your move with your music.

Duane said...

Nice! Do you know if they've got any sort of standalone version? The download page speaks only of plugins for music playsers. I don't really need or want the visualization aspect, since I don't listen to music, strictly spoken word.

steveo said...

Their platnum version has the feature you want --
Standalone: visualize CDs, internet radio, auxiliary inputs, microphone, etc.