Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Parent Hack : Making Mom A Mix Tape

Every parent of little ones has, at one point or another, tried to record them saying something cute. But it's always been impossible to capture the moment the right way, while not hearing dad say "Say it! Say it now!!" in the background, with the right volume, no background noise, etc... Getting a meaningful amount of content? Forget it.

That is, until now. If you've got a computer then you can put the latest podcasting mania to work for you and whip up a quick gift for mom. Got a microphone? If you've been doing Skype you do. Many webcams even have them built in. Now go get yourself a copy of Audacity, the free sound editing program that everybody's raving about.

Now, grab the kids. Start recording. Have them say something cute, or sing a song, or tell a knock knock joke. Using Audacity you'll be able to cut out the big pauses (just select and delete) when they forget what to say, and cut yourself out of the background giving them clues to the words. Then boost the volume in case they were whispering (effects, amplify). If you really want to get fancy and you've got more than one child, record them each singing the same song and then merge them together to create a harmony.

Repeat until you're bored. Get at least one audio of them saying "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy" and burn it all onto a CD. Bet she loves it.  Mix in a handful of her favorite songs.

I'm making one for my wife right now. Don't anybody tell her. I'm posting here instead of on my regular family website because she reads that one.


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Jim said...


What an awesome idea!

I love mix tapes and this variation (using the awesome audacity) is ultra cool.