Friday, May 04, 2007

The TED Talks Are Online

I'd been waiting for the TED talks as they trickled into my iTunes video podcast.  But they were few and far between, and the ones I got were years old. 

I just discovered that many more of them are online for viewing and download.  Go check it out.  Now.  Seriously.  There's something for everybody - politics, business, music, technology, you name it.  Bill Clinton and Al Gore spoke.  Jeff Bezos, Larry and Sergei, Dean Kamen.  Outstanding content, all around.

The visualization is neat, but don't forget to browse the categories.  At any given time you're only seeing what fits on the page, you're not seeing everything they've got.  Sort it a few different ways (by email, by date, etc...) to make sure you're getting everything.  I love that there is a a "Download MP4 Video to iTunes" link right on the page so I can just pick which ones I want and have them automatically show up on my iPod for the drive home.  Nice!


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