Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Geek Humor

This morning a friend emails me this story about a "half a petaflop" supercomputer, adding the semi-obligatory joke "Let's calculate PI!"

"Old joke," I respond.  "Have you heard about the new Cray supercomputer?  It can calculate the sum of digits from 1 to infinity in 4.5 seconds."

A polite smiley followed.

"Wait," I responded to myself after a pause, "Isn't the sum of digits from 1 to infinity just infinity squared? Hell, that didn't take me 4.5 seconds either.  I think I told the joke wrong."



steveo said...

Not infinity squared. Infinity plus one all divided by two.

Duane said...

I think you might have meant "infinity times infinity minus 1", all over 2. But infinity-1 is effectively infinity as well, so infinity squared still counts.

I'll give you the /2 thing, though. I forgot about that.

I blame my friend who originally said "Yes" when I asked him if it was infinity squared. Good thing he's only a rocket scientist.