Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is this irony? Or just coincidence? I'm never really sure anymore.

So today I get one of many unsolicited emails from a headhunter asking if I want a job.  This one is for 6 months in Chicago working on Java, ATG Dynamo, etc... on Solaris.

This one, though, caught my eye.  You see, this one is for DeutscheBank.  In 1999, when DeutscheBank was still called Kemper and Scudder had just bought it, I went out to Chicago for a month and trained them in how to use ATG in the first place.  My team from Boston had created the "enterprise architecture", and their group was "application development."  Of course, that's the story I tell that has the punchline "I engineered myself out of a job," because when the time came around 2002 for the layoffs, they threw all of us Boston folks out on the street and kept the Chicago team.

So...I trained them....I lost my job, they kept theirs....now apparently there's an opening on that side that I might be able to fill?

Call it what you will.  Damn you Alanis Morrissette for forever screwing up anybody else's chances to incorrectly use the word ironic!

(Of course this could be an entirely different team that I have no association with at all, but I'm pretty sure that my project introduced ATG to the company and they never expanded beyond that group.)

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Debo Hobo said...

Now isn't that Ironic. You can go back in there and razzle dazzle them again.