Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Visual Studio Debug Windows

I'm always accidentally closing windows inside of Visual Studio and forgetting how to get them back.  Here's a little tip for anybody else that's having the same problem. Within Visual Studio, the concept of "windows" is managed from at least three different places that I can find:

  1. View menu.  The logical place where you might go first.  There you'll find many "explorers", several "views", a "toolbox" and even a submenu for "Other windows" (which sort of implies that the other things on this menu are also windows, doesn't it?), which contains things like a call browser and a bookmark window, things I don't think I've ever used.
  2. Window menu.  Another semi-obvious choice.  However, all this menu does is control how to manage your existing windows - shortcuts to jump to them, and various ways to tab and cascade them.
  3. Debug->Windows.  Aha!  The Debug menu has its own Windows menu.  Inside that menu you'll find breakpoints, watches, locals, and all that sort of thing.

It's typically the Debug windows that I kill by mistake.  Glad I finally figured out how to get them back.

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