Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Podshow : Continuing to Suck, Unfortunately

I'm disappointed that Podshow never made a bigger splash in the whole podcasting space, given that it's the brainchild of Adam Curry, who pretty much put podcasting on the map in the first place.  I'm sure podshow's doing great things, but honestly, it's just a non-starter in my podcast listening.  They attempted some sort of audiobook (Shadowlands, or something?) that I disliked so much I didn't make it through 3 chapters.  They had a deal with Sirius radio that I never understood (I thought the whole gimmick of podcasting was that it better than radio?), causing me to drop some podcasts (including Adam's), which fell through anyway.  And they stick assorted advertisements in some podcasts I listen to, that I've learned to tune out. 

And now they've got their whole "help Podshow suck less" campaign going.  At first I was excited, because as I said, I'm disappointed that Adam didn't really continue to break new ground in this new space.  So naturally I went to check it out, and I'm sad to report, they still suck.

Here's a list of the information that Podshow wants from me, before I'll be allowed to offer my opinion:

Email, Name, Address.  Phone number is optional, surprisingly, because nothing else is.  Gender, Marital Status.   Am I Latino?  What's my race?  Level of education, number of children I have, whether or not they live with me, and when they were born.  Employment status, job industry, and household income.

Adam, are you nuts?   Why not just say "Look, we want to know where to target our advertising"?  My opinion is only as valuable to you as my marketing data represents.  That's ridiculous.  The age of my kids has nothing to do with how much I think you suck.  It has something to do with whether I'll buy baby strollers, of course, which is really all that matters here, right?

And to add insult to injury, the homepage contains a graphic (blinking, no less) promising that you can "earn POINTS, and earn valuable PRIZES!"  Oh come on.  Who falls for that nonsense?

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