Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sansa MP3 Player Doesn't Recognize Memory Card

I've written previously on the car jukebox I made for my wife and kids, which basically means I loaded up an MP3 player with their music, attached an FM transmitter and now they can listen to the music they want without fighting about what CD to put in next.

Well last night I was updating it with High School Musical, and I broke it.  All of a sudden the memory card was not recognized.  The player itself has a gig of regular memory, and then a gig SD card where I keep the kids stuff.  And it's not being recognized.  The song collection has dropped from 374 to 249.  That's not good.

Found the problem.  In moving the folders back and forth to the computer, I had accidentally moved over a Lyrics folder as well, that was full of TXT files.  That apparently was confusing the heck out of the player (presumably it auto scans all the files on the folder).  When I deleted that folder, everything went back to normal.  Phew!  I did not want to explain to my 3 yr old why she not only did not have High School Musical, but all of her music was now gone.

Just thought I'd blog that in case anybody else is experiencing the same problem.  If your memory card is suddenly not being recognized, scan it and see if there are any non MP3 files on it. 


LunatiC said...

My memory card doesn't have anything on it, and it still doesn't recognize it. I even tried it with music. How will I know if it's recognizing it or not?

Duane said...

When the player turns on, it scans both memory sources for music files and then makes a big playlist. So basically if you know there's a certain song on your memory card, and you're not seeing it on the player, then your player is not seeing the memory card.