Friday, October 05, 2007

Elevator Hack?

I work on the ninth floor.  Yesterday I notice something strange, the door to the elevator opens by itself.  I expect maybe somebody is getting out, but no, it's empty.  It's then that I realize some jackass has pushed every button from 9 down to 1 (and presumably a few above as well).  So I'm going to have a slow ride down, stopping on every floor.

As we pass each floor, I hold down the close button to speed my ride up as much as I can.

And you know what?  After 3 floors of immediatley closing the doors again -- all the other lights went off.  So I stopped on 8, 7, 6...and then suddenly I had my choice again.  I pressed L and went straight there.  The elevator must have been programmed against such things. 

1 comment:

steveo said...

Nice. I wish the elevator in my college dorm had been programmed like that.