Friday, October 12, 2007

iPod Audiobook Bug?

Does anybody else have this problem?  When I find a series that I particularly enjoy (mostly serialized podiobooks that are complete), I use a converter to cat all the MP3s together and convert it into Apple's audiobook, or m4b format.  Then when I put it on the ipod it shows up in the Audiobook section and, most importantly, responds to the "faster" mode and I can get more accomplished.

The bug is this:  Sometimes, by no discernible pattern (yet), the audiobook resets itself.  Say that I am 3 hours into a 5 hour file.  Normally when I pick it up again it'll go right where I left off.  Which is the whole point.  But sometimes it'll show like it's going to do that, complete with the progress bar that tells me my position, but then rather than starting to play, it resets back to the main menu like something went wrong.  When I go back in to that same audiobook again, I'm back to 0 position.

This is particularly annoying.  Can you imagine spinning that clickwheel for the equivalent of 3 hours worth of time?

I'm trying to decide if this is an ipod bug, or possibly something in the converter I'm using (but I doubt that).  It seems to be related to when I've synced the ipod.  I can go in and out of audiobooks at will, but once I connect back up to my PC and hten disconnect again, it may or may not do the crash thing on me.


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