Friday, December 07, 2007

The Joy That Is Bubble Wrap

So I walk into the office yesterday, and over by the copy room is a roll of bubble wrap.  The kind with the big bubbles.  The roll is maybe 2ft in diameter.  I reverently pick it up, walk over to the office admin and say, "If you don't use all of this, the development team would like to play with it."

"Sorry, but I think I'm going to need it all," she tells me.

The CFO hears this and says, "If that will make them happy, we'll buy more."

The HR lady hears this and says, "You know what we could do?  We could mummify one of you in it, and then roll you up and down the halls and listen to the poppy noises!"

I volunteer the guy in the cube next to me.

"I'm in," he says, "As long as you don't kill me."

I assure him that, should this game come to pass, that we will leave airholes.

Later that afternoon there is a meeting in the room near the bubble wrap.  The CTO just goes ahead and rips a piece right off the roll and brings it into the meeting with him.  He keeps popping it while others are talking, until one of his underlings says, "Are you gonna share that?"  He apologizes for bogarting the bubble wrap and it is passed to the next guy. 

At one point I notice it lying unclaimed in the center of the table, so being in mid sentence, I slide it in front of my space so I can pop some when I'm done speaking.  As I'm talking the operations guy reaches over and steals the bubble wrap from me.

Later that day I'm speaking with the CTO about something in the hall, and the HR lady walks by. She is waving a strip of bubble wrap in the air over her head.  Apparently this has caught on, and people are just tearing personal sized pieces from the roll whenever they walk by. 

The admin is gonna be pissed :)!

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