Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Of all the variables to forget to track....

So I'm finally getting a HD tv.  I'm late to the game, but I always found something else to spend the money on.  My TV requirements are not large, I just want to upgrade the quality of the picture, not my entire lifestyle.  In particular I don't want to rearrange my living room.  That means fitting a television into the cabinet where we already have the rest of our stack.  Turns out I only have about 36" clearance in that cabinet, which means a 32" television.

Fair enough.  I go hunting.  720p, 2HDMI ports, 5000:1 contrast ratio whatever that means.  I was looking at the Sony Bravia, but when it came time to get one I saw a Samsung for the same price and better stats, so I got that one.  Just got it hooked up.

And then I realized the variable I hadn't considered.

The television just fits into my cabinet, leaving maybe a half inch or a little more clearance on each side.

The A/V port #2 is on the *side* of the television.

I have no way to plug in a second device.  It just plain physically won't fit.

That's a pain.

Well, when the new cable box shows up and switches to HDMI that'll free up the A/V port in the back for something.  But, still, annoying.

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