Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why you don't go shopping with your technewbie father in law

Speaking of HD televisions, I was out this weekend with my father in law doing some errands when we decided to go pick up the TV (at Walmart).  He asks me out of the clear blue, "What's the name of that toy Kerry told me to look for?"

I have no idea what he's talking about.  We have three small kids so it could be a toy for them, or it could also be an electronic toy for Daddy.

"It's supposed to be the big thing, nobody can find it anywhere."

I am deliberately playing dumb because if the wife is getting me something as a surprise I'd rather not know what it is.

He ends up asking the TV guy.  "Nintendo Wii?" the salesman asks.

"Yeah, that's it!" says my father in law.  "Got any?"

The salesman laughs.


So apparently, if my wife and her spies can find it, I'm getting a Wii for Christmas.  Thanks sweetie!

She is unhappy that her father gave away the surprise.  But I tried to explain as nicely as I could that there's no way she's going to find one, so please don't be disappointed if you're relying on that for the big surprise.  "Then why did Karen [the neighbor] find one?" she said.  <shrug>  I guess it's possible?

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