Thursday, January 03, 2008

Amazon's "Call Me" Service

Ok, this is cool.  The biggest downside with online retail is that you have to sacrifice customer service.  You don't get to talk to a human, and even if you do, you get somebody offshored someplace who is reading from a script and can't really help you with anything but frequently asked questions.

So I did not have hope when I screwed up my Amazon return.  I've apparently got UPS showing up at my office tomorrow to pick up this package, but I got no shipping label.  I can't find any addresses on the site, and I know that emailing customer service is not going to get me an answer in time. Then I finally find the "contact by phone" button.

First it asks me to pick which order I'm calling about.  Fair enough.  Then I click Phone again.  And it says "We'll call you.  Seriously.  What's your number and when do you want us to call?"  I type in my number and click "Now."

Phone rings.  Nice.  I mean, like, 5 seconds from the time I click the Now button.

There's a quick computerized voice that says "blah blah thanks for using this feature, hang on a second" and the next thing you know there's a nice human with some sort of southern (Texas, maybe?) accent asking what she can do for me.  I explain the situation and she says, "Yeah, common question.  UPS will bring their own label.  Yes, we really do expect you to just leave a blank box out for them."

So, there you go.  At first I would have given the process a failing grade for leaving me hanging - how logical is it to not offer a shipping label, and just say "UPS will be expecting it?"  But the whole "call me" thing just turned it right around.  That is outstanding.

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