Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Computer Camp : What Language?

Today a friend mentioned the possibility of signing up his kids for "computer camp".  His older boy is 11, his daughter is either 7 or 8, not sure which.  And not sure which he's signing up.

I asked what language they're teaching.  The answer?


I think they're nuts.  I've lost count of all the seasoned professional programmers I know that can't stand C++.  So why teach it to children, when there are so many other more logical choices?  Have I just been out on the web too long, and is this a camp for traditional software engineers who are going to be writing Windows apps?  I'd have assumed you'd start out kids these days with Java, or maybe even Python or Ruby or something.

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Matt said...

Thats pretty weird. Squeak (http://www.squeak.org/ - which I think you told me about) is also a more logical choice.