Monday, January 21, 2008

Shameless Plug for My Day Job

Hi Everybody,

Over at my real job we've just launched our Facebook application, Connect At College.  The idea is to bring social networking to the college planning process and allow students (past, present and future) to choose the schools that interest them, and then compare notes with their friends, ask questions of alumni, stuff like that.  These days your "friends" go well beyond the kids you see in the halls every day.  Some of them you may have never even met!  Going to college together could be that opportunity :).

The application works primarily for high school students, but it's also setup to handle college students past and present who set themselves up as advisors to offer suggestions and answer questions. 

Future plans for the app include the opportunity to speak directly with representatives and admissions officers from the colleges themselves.  Personally I'm not planning on stopping until we've completely transformed the whole going to college thing.  My oldest is 5yrs old right now, so I figure I've got a good 10 years to change the world! :)

Hope you get a chance to check it out!  Thanks for indulging me.

- Duane


steveo said...

The facts about Cornell University leave a bit to be desired.

It has this self contradictory statement:
90.0% of undergrads remain on campus on weekends
56.0% of undergrads live off campus or commute

The wording on the first one should probably be change to "90.0% of undergrads remain in the campus area on weekends"

It also has:
Nearest city: Syracuse
Nearest airport: Syracuse-Hancock International

Which just isn't true, since it is in the city of Ithaca NY, and there is an Ithaca airport.

Duane said...

Thanks Steveo. The data on colleges actually comes from a database that we purchased, and I believe it is reported by the schools themselves. Don't know what to tell you beyond that, I'm just reporting what I've got.