Thursday, February 07, 2008


Want to have some fun?  It's pretty much offseason for sports now, unless you're a basketball fan, but baseball's not too far away.

Here's what you do.  When there's some live sports on tv, invite friends over who do not have Tivo or some other DVR service.  Then, in the middle of the game? Pause it.

Listen for the screams.

Without fail I've found that sports fans who are not also Tivo fans hate it when you mess with the broadcast.  We geeks who live by our Tivo can't imagine watching tv any other way.  Missed a play? Want your own replay in super slowmo? You've got it.  No worries.  And you can skip timeouts and commercials.

But man, there's nothing quite like the helpless begging of a sports fan during a big game who says every thirty seconds "Are we live yet?  So, we don't know what the real score is?  Can we fast forward?"  I don't quite know what it is.  They should be able to take a deep breath and realize that not only are they not missing anything, but if I fast forward like they ask, they WILL.  So what's their problem?  I can't quite figure it out.  It's not like in the 15 minute window between my Tivo'd copy and the live stream, somebody is going to call us on the phone and say "DID YOU SEE THAT PASS?  HE CAUGHT IT AGAINST HIS HELMET!"

Actually I take that back, that has happened, so the rule in my house is not to answer the phone while watching a buffered game :).

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