Sunday, March 02, 2008

Survive The Layoff

Read this doc on Scribd: Survive The Layoff


I got laid off once, back in 2002.  During that time (I was out like 6 months or something) I worked up this e-book on the subject.  It's been sitting on a shelf ever since.  I tried passing it through a couple of publishers, both of which flopped out of the gate.  So, now that layoff time seems to be coming around again I'm trying it differently.  I've put it up on Scribd for anybody to download who wants it.  At least this way I can track if it gets any hits. Maybe if there's really a market for such things I can continue to enhance it.

UPDATE : Steveo brings to my attention the fact that there's no "download" link on the embedded player . That's just silly, who wants to read the whole thing inline?  Download as PDF  (actually you can download in a few different formats if you like).



steveo said...

Probably nothing you can do about it, but for me it is unreadable. The font is too small and it isn't anti-aliased. It looks horrible.

It does have a zoom in feature, but when I use it it makes the text wider than the screen. Making the browser wider, doesn't expand the section with the text at all.

My second work around would be to copy and paste it into something else to read it, but I can't seem to select any of the text.

If my experience is any sort of indication, scribd is not viable for this sort of thing.

(captcha: lewdfb (lewd facebook?))

Duane said...

You know, I hadn't realized that there is no "download PDF" link on the embedded player! I wouldn't expect anybody to read the thing inline. I always download my stuff from Scribd to read at will.

I'll update the text of the story with the download link. Thanks Steveo.