Monday, March 31, 2008

Wii With Your Toddler

My oldest, at almost 6, can figure out Wii pretty well.  She understands what buttons to push, and the general notion of how to point and shoot, how to time your swing in bowling, that sort of thing.

My second, at almost 4, is more of a Zen player - swing wildly while pushing random buttons, and kinda sorta figure out that some combinations do things while some do not.  Throws strikes more often than not, which really upsets her older sister who can't for the life of her figure out how to repeat the feat.

My youngest, at almost 2, has really been too young to play thus far.  He grabs a nunchuck controller while we're not using it and wiggles it around like he is playing, but he really has no idea.

While playing EA Playground this weekend, I discovered a way to get him involved in the game.  The Wii controller is perfect for turning your youngest child into a giant joystick.

Take the paper airplane game.  The idea is easy enough - wind up and hurl your airplane, and then, as if you were actually driving it, you tilt your controller left and right, up and down, avoiding obstacles and collecting treasures, trying to make it to the other side of the room and out the window in the allotted time.

Well, then.  Take 2yr old, put him in your lap.  Put controller in his hands.  Put one hand on the controller so he doesn't drop or throw it, and another tightly around his waist.  Now instead of moving the controller with your hand, keep the controller steady and use your whole body to turn.  Lean wayyyyy over to the left, then wayyyy over to the right!  Pull back!  Nose dive!  Much more fun that way.  Now he's playing, and digging it.  And visually he can start to get the idea that when he goes left, the airplane goes left. 

He seemed to like it, he wanted to play again several times.  I'll have to try that trick out on some other games.

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Anonymous said...

Awww..that's brilliant! I'm going to try it this weeken! Thanks..if you think of more, please post!