Thursday, April 10, 2008


At this point in my career I can be trusted with root passwords.  I've had them before.  Most often because there's a good reason.  Hell, I used to work at a company where all the developers had root on production.  This implied that all developers were also able to troubleshoot production when needed. 

I'm now at a company where the head of operations guards passwords like they are his secret porn stash.  I am not kidding when I say that if I'm in the room and he needs to type a password, he will not accept me staring out the window, he asks me to leave the room.

Well, I have an app in production, and I know the root password to the database.  His boss gave it to me.  But of course I don't bother telling him that, since it will just be cause for a bunch of annoyance.

Yesterday we are putting out a new build. It is myself, operations guy, and database consultant on the phone because of some schema changes we needed.  I walk operations guy through some local config changes and say, "And here's where you change this to point to the production database, I figured you wouldn't want that hardcoded into the file."

He then starts flipping through his documents, looking for the password, while I examine a smudge on the window.  He cannot find the password (or perhaps because he does not want me to see where he keeps them), he takes the database consultant off speaker phone and the following conversation ensues:

"Steve?  Hey, do you have the password for the database off the top of your head?  Yeah?  Ok, hang on...." (starts typing)  "...thanks Steve."  (pause)  "Oh, DUANE should have it?  He's the one that told it to you???  Oh, really???"


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