Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Do Love The Marketing Folk

Today I needed a contact database, so I went over to the marketing guy who keeps it and asked for the raw files.  A few minutes later he came back to my desk and this is the conversation:

Marketing: "I looked at the source files and, because of the history with this project, well, there's more than one file, and they're not all CSV files."

Me: "Oh?"

Mktg: "Well you see, originally we only bought a few states, and then I had those, but then we got the rest, so when they sent us that, they sent us a text file with everything but those states we already had.  So then I had to go back to them to get the files for the states we had, but those are a CSV file."

Me: "So what's the big file?"

Mktg:  "That's a text file."

Me:  "But how is it formatted?"

Mktg:  "With commas."

Me:  "Then I think I'm good."

Mktg:  "You sure?  I didn't know if that was gonna screw you up because one is a CSV file but one is a text file."

Me:  "Nope, pretty sure I'm all set."

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