Monday, June 16, 2008

Our English Teachers Would Be So Proud

So, late Friday night the marketing guy shoots off some copy for the About page of a new site we're doing.  10 minutes before demo today I discover that the UI guy never got the message, so I forward it and he throws it in there quickly before we have to go to meeting.

During the meeting I remember that there was a split infinitive in there someplace to which I had never responded because Friday night I got the message on the train and it wasn't worth trying to reply for something so trivial.  "I think I fixed that when when I moved the text," says UI guy.

Picture a room of engineers (ok, maybe just about 4 of us) reading marketing copy, trying to find the split infinitive.  "I guess you did, I don't see it," says one.

I go back to my desk to dig up the original email.  I found it -- "This site was developed to not only inform...."  I look at the About us page.  Still there.  So I forward to the UI guy to fix.

I have to think that Ms. Cunningham, my 9th grade English teacher, would be so proud of us not only for noticing, but for actually caring :).

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