Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My IPod Touch Died

Sunday morning I'm mowing the lawn, it's working fine.  I come in and put it down on the kitchen counter, because the whole family's got an errand that needs doing.  The house is empty for the next two hours or so.

I come back, get iPod, go back outside to finish mowing the lawn.  Thing is dead.  No video, no audio, dead. 

The annoying part about touch screens at this point is that for an item that is powered off, there are very few physical ways to interact with it.  There are two buttons, basically.  So you either hold one, you hold the other, or you hold both.  And that's about all you can do.  None of those things makes my ipod come back to life.

I plug it in to the laptop, hoping that maybe it is a battery issue.  Nothing.  Doesn't even register.

I have an appointment at the Genius Bar today at 10:50.  Not sure what I expect them to do, unless they crack it open right there in front of me :(.


Josh said...

Whatever happened when you went to the genius bar? Did they crack it open and take a look? Or just look it over and hand you a new one?

Duane said...

Did I not ever post a followup? Hmm, thought I did.

Anyway - they were actually great. He did a certain set of things to attempt a fix, all standard stuff like trying to various hard boot key combinations before declaring it dead.

So he opened a box, took out a brand new one, and handed it to me.

Piece of cake! great service.

Anonymous said...

mine isn't taking a charge. I hope they want to give me a new one.