Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seymour Papert

If you ever had the chance to play with LOGO as a child, or watch the Turtle robot run around the floor dragging its pen behind, then you owe that to Seymour Papert, the MIT professor who has pretty much spent his life researching how children learn (and, by association, how to make technology work for them). 

I had no idea that a motorcycle accident (he was walking, it hit him) had left him with a brain injury so severe that he couldn't walk, talk or read.  "His accident was worse than horrible for somebody whose life was the mind," said his colleague Nicholas Negroponte (lately famous for the One Laptop Per Child program).

If you're a geek, go read the article.  Without geniuses like Papert leading the way most of us would never have seen a PC in our childhood, or written our first videogames when we weren't even out of elementary school.

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