Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Startup School 08


Great videos here from Paul Graham's Startup School 08, including Paul Graham, Marc Andreesen, Jeff Bezos, Mike Arrington, and this programmer guy named David Hansson who apparently wrote something called Ruby on Rails ;)

DHH's talk is particularly fun, because he gets up and in the first two minutes says "We're not hiring and we don't want VC money." He then goes on to talk about the value of aiming to make a million rather than a billion, why the latter is darned near impossible but the former is a simple math problem.

One of the best parts comes at the end, when somebody says, "I'm at the terminal 14 hours a day.  How do you stay focused and motivated?  I find that my attention drifts to other things."

His answer flies in the face of all those caffeine-enhanced all nighters that you think are the key to getting you your billion.  And it makes you actually think that you might be able to do it, after all.

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