Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dilbert : On The Economy


Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, wanted to get an informed opinion on the coming political election.  Specifically on the subject of the economy - which candidate would be better for the economy?  So he set about finding out.  He's published the results of his survey of over 500 economists.  It's actually pretty cool.  Be sure to read the raw data (Powerpoint), not just the summary.  Judge for yourself.

Don't want to read it, I'll hit you with the highlights.  Economists are generally Democrat, and Democrats favor Obama, Republicans favor McCain.  Big surprise.  However, the independents prefer Obama nearly 2:1 as well (Summary of Key Findings #4, page 91).  When you add them all up, on 20 issues considered important to the economy, Obama is seen as the better choice for 16 of them, including 11 of the 12 deemed most important (by the economists, not the survey people).

Some folks still call it inconclusive because it's not imbalanced, but it's probably more unbiased data on the subject in one place than you're gonna get on the news any given day.  Worth a read.  Pick the issues that you think are important and make your own decision.

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