Monday, September 08, 2008

Why Is My Beep So $%^&*( Loud

I have googled everywhere for this but I can't find an answer.  The error beep on my machine -- the one associated with errors, typically in a shell window but not always - is so effing loud I can't stand it.  I have headphones on, listening to music at comfortable volume, and seriously, when the beep comes on it is so loud I grab for my headphones to rip them off, every time.  It's painfully loud.  In some cases it's also painfully long.

In the Control Panel / Sounds thingie, none of the Windows sounds seem to map to it.  We're talking about the Control-G beep sound, for any old timers who remember THAT.  (Try it in a DOS window, it still works :))

It's killing me :(.  Trying to write code is like some messed up Skinner experiment where everytime I make a typo I'm punished with an electric jolt.


UPDATE:  Found it!  From a shell window, "net stop beep" to make it die.  Woohoo!  It was the remembering of Control-G that led me to the solution, found here :

which is an "old fogey" discussion of how you used to go about actually writing to the hardware to make the beep, until it turns into a "How do you turn it off???" request.  Oh I am so pleased.  Turns out it is actually a service (beep.sys) that you can stop.  However it does not seem to appear in the Services menu.

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steveo said...

There is usually another solution too. The beeper is usually part of the computer case. There is a wire from the motherboard to the beeper. You can disconnect that wire.