Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Find This Fascinating

So the other day I notice that on the back of the men's room door at work is a new gadget.  It's situated right over the door handle, and does in fact read "Automatic Door Handle Deep Cleaning System."

I find this fascinating.  I realize that there are people that have an issue here.  You've done your thing, you've washed your hands, and what's the first thing you need to do next?  Touch the door handle.  I've seen places where they put the trash can near the door so that you can use your paper towel to avoid touching the handle, and then just throw it in the trash.

I love the idea that somebody had such a problem with this that they invented a device specifically for it.  This is not some sort of general purpose cleaner, people.  This thing's purpose in life is to clean door handles.  That's what it does.  That's all it does. 

So far everybody who I've spoken with about it is intrigued, and has no idea how it works.  Several people have suggested that perhaps it is some sort of ultraviolet thing.  I point out that it has a "refill" light on it, and it is unlikely to be filled with UV rays.

I couldn't help it, I actually googled for the thing to learn more about it (the link above).  Turns out it is situated above the door handle so that it can emit a "deep cleaning spray" down onto the handle at regularly programmed intervals.  Doesn't seem to say what exactly it's being sprayed with.

What'll they think of next? 

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