Monday, October 27, 2008

Linux For The Kids?

So there's this old laptop that's been hanging around my house in need of both a regular battery and now a CMOS battery as well.  It's a Thinkpad 600e, for the curious.  I'm thinking, now that my oldest is in school and her sister is coming up right behind her, that it might be time to designate one of my machines as the kids' setup.

Linux is the only real option, but which one?  You can't just say "ubuntu" whenever the question is "which distro?"  Sometimes it just don't work.  Here's the constraints:

* Easy online setup (driver recognition) so they can play Flash games.

* Must be able to play Flash games. :)

* Graphics requirements not high (this thing will probably do 800x600 at the most), but I'd like them to be able to play TuxTyping, TuxMath, those sorts of games.

* Boot without login option.  There's no need for them to worry about usernames and passwords.

* Fast bootup!  Perhaps most important of all, when a 4yr old child wants to play on the computer, she does not want to wait 3 minutes for it to get started. 

Suggestions appreciated.  The system does have a hard drive, so I shouldn't have to worry about running off a USB stick.  But if somebody tells me that Puppy Linux or some other mini-distro is what I'm looking for, then I'll take it!

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Anonymous said...

Try Linux Mint (based off Ubuntu I believe). My brother recommended that one to me and it's the least painful Linux experience I've had.