Monday, December 01, 2008

Dense Words

If you code for a living, there are times you may experience dreaming in code. Or at the very least, spending those last few moments of waking consciousness thinking about code.

Well, being unemployed I'm playing lots of Wurdle on my iTouch :). As such, last night I went to bed dreaming about letters and words. And a puzzle dawned on me -- what word could I imagine that, using just the letters of that word, would allow me to form the most words? I know it's a silly thing, but hey, there are puzzle geeks out there that dig such things.

The word that occupied my brain last night was "stare". I remember finding over 20 words inside that word. Let's see how I do now that I'm awake... (*) Technically I should validate that each of these words is part of some standard dictionary, but it doesn't occupy *that* much of my attention, so forget that.

star tare tares ate
rate rates sate tar
eat eats east rat
rats ear ears tear
tears sat tase taser
art arts

22. I'm sure there are some other words in there that will pop right out to Scrabble players, but those are what I could figure out off the top of my head. Funny what our brains do when they catch on a particular problem.

1 comment:

Duane said...

Sea. Seat. Sear. Tea. Teas.

Thought of those after posting.