Thursday, December 04, 2008

Does This Gadget Exist?

As I spend more time in my office and look to optimize it for how I like to work, I've decided there's a gadget I need. I want a device that hooks up to my tv and plays movies. Here's the thing, I want it to read the media from a USB stick. That way it doesn't matter where the media came from, and I don't have to go through the trouble of burning a DVD (it helps that I don't have a DVD burner handy, ya see ;)).

Does such a device exist? I don't need it to be a fancy wireless streaming thingie, but it wouldn't hurt. It's mostly the USB thing that I'd like. I just don't want to watch on the computer monitor or on my iPod, I want it on the tv.

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Chris said...

Well, there are things such as the D-Link DSM-520. It does exactly what you describe, but it does a bunch of other stuff too, so it's up around $230. But that was just a quick googling, so I'm not sure if there are lower price points that'll do the same thing.