Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What To Do With A Tivo Box?

So when I switched to FIOS I got rid of Tivo, as I'm sure I've mentioned.  Maybe someday I'll return to them (FIOS DVR service is pretty poor, as I have also mentioned), but until then I'm sitting here wondering if there's any life left in the box.

The particular one I've got is the Humax model with the built in DVD burner.  So by default I've been using it to move my camcorder stuff to DVD, which works fairly well.

But I was thinking this morning, could I get content from any other source?  Did anybody ever decide if there was a way to read media from a USB stick, for example, and show it on the box?

What about the "Tivo At Home" option?  Do I have any "play movies and pictures on my Tivo" choices still available to me, now that I do not pay for the Tivo service?  I was under the impression that you needed a key to make that work.

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