Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What’s Wrong With A Nice #2?

And by that I mean a pencil, you see.  I’m at the new gig and collecting office supplies. When it comes to randomly taking notes that I might actually value (as opposed to note taking for the sake of appearances), I like a pencil.  Makes me feel like I’ll be more likely to edit/correct/erase, even though that’s not the case.  And besides, as I’ve mentioned before, when you walk the halls with a sharpened pencil you feel like you could stab a coworker if you really needed to.  I never would, of course, but it’s nice to know I could :).

So I find the pencils, and of course they are unsharpened.  I ask the admin/HR lady for a pencil sharpener.  She says, “I think it’s in one of the boxes since we moved.”  She then digs into a box and pulls it out.  “You’re the first one to need it.”

At this, another coworker pops his head into the hallway and asks, “Is that a pencil sharpener?  I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those.”

I take it back to my office (why not, if I’m the only one using it?), plug it in, and sharpen some pencils.  I turn and there’s another coworker in my cube saying, “Wow, that *was* a pencil sharpener I heard!”

The funny thing, though – what’s so obsolete about a pencil?  What new bit of technology has replaced it?  Is everybody running around with mechanical pencils?  I always break those, I write too hard.  Pens?  I lose too many pens.  I told a coworker, “You can tell at a glance if your pencil will work, and you don’t have to actually scribble on your paper first to prove it.”

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steveo said...

I break the mechanical pencil lead when it is the 5mm thickness, but the 7mm works fine for me. I think they even sell 9mm for a clod like you. ;-)

I prefer the mechanical because they are less messy. The led is retractable for storage. You never have to worry about shavings. You never have to worry about finding a pencil sharpener.