Friday, January 16, 2009

The Evolution of Brand

photo  I thought this was funny.  Pepsi’s high caffeine product, Max, was originally introduced only in diet form – Diet Pepsi Max.  Recently it appears that they’ve dropped the “diet”, just calling it Pepsi Max – but it clearly says “0 Calorie soda” right on the side.

Right away, this confused people.  The office admin who filled our refrigerator today, when told this, said, “Wait…so that’s diet?  I totally didn’t mean to get that, we already have too much diet soda on the list, I have to get more regular for the people who don’t drink that stuff.”

A coworker in the next cube chimed in with, “You’re right, I saw that and wouldn’t touch it.”

But…look closely at the box.  That can came from that box, I did not set that up. The box still stays Diet Pepsi Max, while the can does not.  So literally we hit it at exactly the point in time where you could say “The machine that makes the cans has been updated with the new graphics, but the machine that makes the boxes has not.”

It also looks like they’ve gone more black in the coloring, and possibly got rid of (or at least downplay) the ginseng.  They changed the swooshy logo, and went with lowercase on the “pepsi”.  All subtle things, until you look at them next to each other.

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