Friday, January 16, 2009

Flight 1549 : Ummm….found a bug

While Googling for news on Flight 1549 which went down this afternoon (apparently everyone is fine and no terrorism is suspected), I first found linked above.  Note some of the…ummm…uncomfortable parts of the UI?

* Duration of flight:  6 minutes

* Status:  Arrived over an hour ago!  (I assume this is dynamically updating so your mileage may vary)

* In the upper right corner it clearly says, “News: Flight 1549 Crashes Into Hudson River.”

I worked at TripAdvisor, a hotel booking site, when New Orleans flooded.  It was crucial to us, a production bug, to get hotels out of the database that, you know, weren’t in business anymore.  It seems that perhaps somebody at FlightAware needs a similar job.  “Arrived” ends up looking pretty tacky.

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