Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cult Of iPhoneality

There’s a battle going on at my house around my iPhone.  I say that I’m a proud, wired geek who optimizes his use of the technology around him to improve his life.  My wife says I’m addicted to the damned thing.  (Coincidentally, I just got my wife a Netbook for Christmas and she’s recently discovered Facebook….)

So, last night around 2am, one of the kids woke us up.  Wandering back to bed, I tap my iPhone screen to look at the email icon, and I’ve got a message, so I pick up the iPhone to read it.  Just then my wife walks in.  “Talk about addicted!” she says, “It’s 2am, why are you reading your email?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” I counter, as we get into bed.  “It’s information, it’s one finger tap away, now I know what’s waiting for me in the morning.  It’s not like I’m writing back.”

In the dark, there’s a pause, and then I try an experiment.  “You awake?”

“Yes,” she says.

“Want some music?”

“Got any Chicago on that thing?”

I don’t.  But I do have Pandora, so I go to that and fire up a Chicago channel.  A few minutes later she was asleep.

I’ll convert her yet. :)

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