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Announcing “Phoenix Freeze”

Disclaimer : This is talking about a product release from the company I work for.  I didn’t work on this particular project, it’s a big company.  So if you think that constitutes being spammy, here’s your chance to bail out…

Attached is the press release for my company’s latest product, something called “Phoenix Freeze.”  It’s actually a pretty cool idea. You know what Bluetooth is, right?  The key bit of the technology being that once you get two paired devices into proximity with each other, they can recognize that fact and start working together?

Well, Phoenix Freeze takes the opposite approach – how about if your computer recognizes when you walk away from it?  When you’re sitting at your desk, you pair your computer and your cell phone (for example).  Now you get up and leave, and oh shoot, you forgot to lock your screen.  No worries!  Your computer knows you’ve left it, and it’ll go ahead and lock for you.  Even better – when it detects that you’ve come back, it’ll unlock and be all ready waiting for you.  Seems like just the thing for security-conscious companies (I’m looking at you, financial institutions…)

[ If I didn’t work on this project, what do I do?  Well, I work on the web side of things.  So if you go ahead and buy it, you’ll probably trip over some code that I wrote somewhere along the line… ]


Phoenix Technologies(R) Puts the 'Freeze' on Unwanted Access to Laptops With New Bluetooth Proximity Lock System

--Combining the power of Bluetooth technology with embedded security, Phoenix Freeze(TM) gives laptop and netbook users a proximity-based system for remote control locking and unlocking data access

MILPITAS, Calif., May 6, 2009 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ -- Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTEC), the leader in PC 3.0(TM) products, services and embedded technologies, today announced the availability of Phoenix Freeze(TM), a patent-pending solution for laptops and netbooks, that provides users with a convenient, always-on Bluetooth proximity system that automatically locks down a laptop whenever the user walks away from it.

Freeze pairs a Bluetooth(R) mobile phone with the user's laptop so that the laptop immediately locks whenever the user walks away with their phone. When the user returns within a certain proximity (pre-defined by the user) of their mobile computer, it automatically unlocks. This combination offers safety, security, and peace of mind without the annoying effort required to constantly lock and unlock the PC with passwords or finger swipes.

For those who are particularly cautious or those with a critical need to secure data, the Freeze laptop proximity lock can be made a part of a multifaceted authentication process that reduces the time and effort required to achieve a highly secure yet convenient PC experience.

Freeze is available immediately to consumers via download as well as to PC OEMs for incorporating into new laptops. Consumers may download this Bluetooth proximity lock at, or from Phoenix's PC upgrade, tools and diagnostics site .

Freeze complements and adds a second level of laptop security to FailSafe(TM), a true embedded and innovative theft deterrence and data loss protection technology. In the event of loss or theft, FailSafe enables laptop and netbook users to lock down their hard drive, erase data, and completely disable and trace the location of their laptop. With FailSafe and Freeze combined, users have a comprehensive security ecosystem on their laptops that safeguards their digital lives.

"Security and ease-of-use are the cornerstones of our PC 3.0 strategy of building products and services that deliver new levels of protection as well as performance, simplicity and efficiency, to make mobile PCs as fun and easy to use as mobile phones," said Woody Hobbs, President and CEO of Phoenix Technologies. "Phoenix Freeze raises the bar for mobile PC anti-theft technology, adding an additional layer of security for those who view their data as even more precious than their laptops and want it protected from unwanted exploration in their absence, however brief. Now, with Freeze, locking down access to your laptop is as simple as walking away with your cell phone in your pocket."


User Configurable

    --  The registration/installation and user interface screens are configured
to enable ease-of-use so that the Freeze laptop proximity lock works
-- Intuitive GUI allows customization by user. For instance, the proximity
zone and power savings settings can be defined by the user

-- One phone with Bluetooth technology can control multiple laptops


    --  The Windows XP, Vista password lock is activated when the paired
Bluetooth enabled phone moves outside the security proximity zone and
automatically unlocked when inside

-- Bluetooth proximity locking adds to a multifaceted authentication
process for enhanced laptop security

Green (Power Savings) Modes

    --  Built-in intelligence detects when a Bluetooth device is out of
proximity range. If the power savings mode is selected, the laptop
screen powers off. The screen is automatically turned on again when the
user with the Bluetooth phone is within the configured proximity lock

-- For maximum power settings, the laptop can be configured to enter sleep
mode as the user exits the proximity lock range. To wake the system, the
user will need to press the resume button

About Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTEC) is the global market leader in system firmware that provides the most secure foundation for today's computing environments. The PC industry's top system builders and specifiers trust Phoenix to pioneer open standards and deliver innovative solutions that will help them differentiate their systems, reduce time-to-market and increase their revenues. The Company's flagship products and services -- Phoenix SecureCore, MicroCore, Embedded BIOS, FailSafe, Freeze, HyperSpace and -- are revolutionizing the PC user experience by delivering unprecedented performance, security, reliability, continuity, and ease-of-use. The Company established industry leadership and created the PC clone industry with its original BIOS product in 1983. Phoenix has 159 technology patents and 136 pending applications, and has shipped in over one billion systems. Phoenix is headquartered in Milpitas, California with offices worldwide. For more information, visit

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steveo said...

Neat idea, but it shouldn't be a security product. There are much more general uses for it. When I get out of my chair, I would like my computer to:
Change my IM status to away
Turn off my desk light, monitor, and speakers